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My Commitment to You,

   I wish for your experience with Hypnosis to be positive, productive and promising.
   My intention is to help you become the person you want to be, free of any incongruencies. My work originates from a sacred belief that each of us holds all the answers we seek, no matter the question. We need only to remember what we once knew, naturally, and trust ourselves enough to let our actions follow. 
   I'm humbled by the opportunity to help you remember, as we take on this journey together!


A Little About Me, Professionally...

   I am certified through the National Guild of Hypnotists. As a well-recognized and respected organization, the Guild certifies members who uphold a strong code of ethics and commit to promoting a positive hypnotic experience for all. Prior to Hypnosis, I received a Reiki Masters. I am fortunate and proud to have such a wonderful foundation in the holistic healing arts. My timeless endeavors are to enhance my educational and professional efforts toward healing, sharing, learning and helping.

A Little About Me, Personally...

   My life is an open book. After much turmoil and triumph, I've come to appreciate and accept all of the lessons of life. Experience, both by choice and by chance is equally valuable. A balance between mind, body, behavior and spirit is the holy grail of personal equilibrium. Learning the tools necessary to reach my happiness was the easy part. The hard part was defining what 'happiness' means to me.

"Recently, I sunk into a deep depression and sense of hopelessness for my life. I felt disconnected from my life and the people around me. I felt like my entire life was out of control and that I am powerless to change any of it. It seemed that all roads led to disappointment and no matter how hard I tried, I would always fail - so why bother? My thoughts became so dark that I began to wonder if I was literally going crazy. I started to wonder if I needed therapy or even medication. I started to think maybe there is something wrong with me because I can no longer cope with my emotions enough to keep moving forward with my life. But, being that I have always been a spiritual person, I decided that I should seek someone who could possibly help me find spiritual answers from a non-judgmental perspective. So, I decided to meet with Anca. She immediately made me feel comfortable enough to talk to her about everything that was weighing heavily on my mind. She not only was compassionate, but she actually showed a deep understanding of WHY I may be feeling this way. She explained things to me in a way that made perfect sense. She understood that emotions are very complex and cannot just be ignored, hoping that they will go away. Her positivity is truly contagious. The actual hypnosis was very relaxing to the point where my mind could actually open up to the positive thoughts being put into it with Anca's soothing voice. Up until this point, positive thoughts were being instantly rejected by my mind only to leave me feeling angry at anyone for even suggesting them. It didn't matter what anyone said to give me hope if I didn't really BELIEVE it deep down inside. The mind is very powerful. I've always known that, based on experiences from my past. Beliefs control everything. They are not easily changed - just like any habit is not easily broken. I left her studio feeling empowered and ready to move forward with my life. Hypnosis is not some magic wand that instantly cures or erases problems. What it did for me was give me the confidence boost I needed to get back into my life. I can feel my deep-rooted beliefs beginning to change. I still have a long way to go but she helped awaken my spirit and showed me that I can feel alive again. I really didn't think that was possible. I am happy that I did it the natural way - instead of through medication. Hypnosis is completely natural - it is not magic. But the results can seem magical, if you are open-minded enough to give it a try."


"When my mother was released from the hospital for treatment of congestive heart failure, dementia and had anxiety and restlessness, she wouldn't let herself go to sleep. She chewed her nails, scratched herself until she bled, and wouldn't sit for longer than 5 minutes at a time. We knew this behavior was not going to help her recovery. Since it would have been very difficult for us to take her out for treatment, Anca came to her home and used Hypnotherapy to put her at ease and helped her to let her mind relax. She slept for the fist time in 4 days and has not resumed her restless ways. I was so surprised that such a non-traditional form of treatment worked so fast without adding yet another prescription to my mother's daily regimen.
     Anca was soft-spoken, calm and caring and went about her craft with efficiency. In no time my mother was asleep. We were amazed at the results in such a short time. If Anca hadn't come to my mother I think her health would have declined rapidly.
     How valuable it was to have Anca come out of the office and into the home to give treatments. I think she saved my mother's life."
-Diane W.


"I am a counselor of Domestic Violence for more than 10 years and I deal with a lot of stress. This have been my first experience with Hypnosis and I am so glad I had it. I feel so relaxed and I recommend this to anyone who wants to feel healthier."
-Maritza O.


"Within the first minutes of meeting Anca you sense the integrity, compassion and dedication that is so evident in her person and her work. Her amazing generosity of time and spirit, coupled with the rich experience she possesses puts you immediately at ease. Your trust in her and her process easilly follows as you're gently guided to tap solutions and new freedoms you have long sought. I recommend her without reservation."
-Don Sparks has appeared on Broadway, Television, and is featured in PBS'S "The Poisoner's Handbook" on American Experience in 2014.


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