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Intuitive Hypnosis Studios is temporarily closed. 
Anca M. Watt is out of the area 
for training until Further Notice.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  

Are you ready for Hypnosis?
Have you been struggling,
Wanting to uncover hidden tools or resources,
Or looking to resolve an internal conflict...
Have you been feeling stuck,
Held back,
You've likely exhausted other avenues,
tried so-called 'traditional' methods,
expended your energy
and come up empty,
...don't give up.
Your own subconscious mind has the ability to heal, triumph and succeed through any of life's challenges!
It's time to try Hypnosis.


Here are just a few common goals
Hypnosis can help you achieve:

                                            Let go of Limiting Beliefs
Control your Thoughts         Eliminate Negative Triggers
Diffuse/Disarm Anger         Relieve Stress and/or Anxiety
Decrease Test Anxiety         Release/Heal Emotional Scars
Heal from Depression         Overcome Performance Anxiety 
Improve Study Habits        Increase Confidence/Self-Esteem
Transform your Life         Gain Clarity on your Life Purpose
Overcome Shyness         Alleviate Insomnia/Sleep Troubles
Attract Romance         Overcome Phobias/Irrational Fears
Stop Smoking         Conquer the fear of Public Speaking
Lose Weight         Visit Past Lives (Past Life Regression)
.....This list goes on and on and on!.....

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Time to give
Hypnosis a try!
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